Waste management in cities: challenges and opportunities

Waste management is an increasing challenge for urban development. At the Swiss Pavilion we look at best practices from Switzerland and the world to develop the circular economy of smart cities. 

Date & Time
agenda-icon Tuesday, November, 02, 2021
agenda-icon 15 : 00

Waste management in cities: challenges and opportunities

Waste management, recycling and material recovery have a lot of room for improvement globally; however, there are a lot of constraints in place starting from household segregation and collection optimisation, to financing of treatment plants and lack of adequate regulations.

This event will bring together experts from Switzerland, local waste management stakeholders, and EPFL IGLUS network to have a blended and more global discussion. The aim is to present the current situation, challenges, and opportunities when it comes to waste management, possibly also share some specific and local best practices to the audience through a panel presentations, discussions, and interaction.



  • Professor Matthias Finger: moderator (IGLUS, Head)
  • Dr. Samantha Anderson (DePoly SA, CEO)
  • Mr. Riad Bestani (ECOsquare, Founder and GM)
  • Mr. Madhumohan Sreeram (Dulsco, Chief Innovation Officer)
  • Mr. Karl-Heinz Restle (Renergon, CEO)



  • Renergon
  • DePoly
  • IBG AG
  • Eco Square (moderated by IGLUS, EPFL)



Swiss Pavilion Event Space



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