news-icon 01/09/2021

Discover the three pillars of our program on Swiss innovation at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The circular economy at the Swiss pavilion

Swiss Innovation at Expo 2020: three pillars

The content of Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion is designed to provide a Swiss interpretation of the Expo focus weeks, which are linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. It is divided into three transversal pillar: circular economy, frontier technology and social innovation. Let us give you a snapshot of our programme on  circular economy.

Circular Economy

The circular economy can be defined as a sustainable way of production which reintegrates used materials into the economic cycle, minimising environmental damages and improving nature conservation. Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion will present innovative solutions across the spectrum of the circular economy:

In October 2021 we will present the focus week From the Alps to the Desert, which will put forward the latest technology to monitor biodiversity and strengthen nature conservation from the ETHZ and the University of Zürich. At the same time, the Owl for Peace project from the University of Lausanne will present its pioneering ways of putting together scientists and farmers from conflict zones, finding ways to protect birds of prey.

In November we will present The Circular Economy of Smart Cities: Swiss Solutions Made Globally. These events will showcase cleantech innovations applied to an urban context, such as the LC3 project of the EPFL, making its low-carbon emitting cement a new world standard. At the same time the Pavilion will serve as an incubator for a delegation of Swiss startups, travelling to Dubai to put forward their ground-breaking solutions for recycling. It is also during this week that we will host the final event of the Swiss-Middle East Circular Economy for Youth Initiative (SMECEYI), where groups of students from the MENA region and Switzerland will present their solutions for waste management.

In March, the Water Month of the Pavilion will feature the Global Programme Water of the Swiss Development Cooperation, enabling better water management in zones of scarcity. To complement this presence, Swissnex is planning to display cutting-edge research and innovation in used water treatment from the Eawag. By presenting their grey-water solutions, the Swiss institution is set to offer cities the opportunity of using their water resources sustainably.