Switzerland in space

In collaboration with the EPFL Space Centre, the Swiss Pavilion joins the first event of the pre-Expo programme series.

Date & Time
agenda-icon Monday, October, 05, 2020
agenda-icon 08 : 00
agenda-icon Tuesday, October, 06, 2020
agenda-icon 20 : 00
Switzerland space Expo

Switzerland in space

The Swiss Pavilion and other participants join the first event of the pre-Expo programme series taking place on 5 – 6 October 2020. The Swiss Pavilion session is scheduled for 11:00-11:30am Dubai time,  (09:00 CET), on Tuesday 6 October.

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Swiss space scene

For this session, the Swiss Pavilion has partnered with the EPFL Space Centre in order to present an overview of the Swiss space scene, which will be followed by a focus into three themes:


The latest Swiss research on sustainable space logistics and the role of Big Data in earth observation will be presented.


ClearSpace, a startup born in the EPFL, has been selected by the European Space Agency to lead a consortium to develop technologies for capturing and deorbiting space debris. This technology will be presented and will serve as a basis for debates around this problem.


EPFL student initiatives will be presented, such as one dedicated to grow food outer space, producing key findings for food security on earth.



This session will cover some of the Swiss Pavilion content, which includes sustainable space logistics, solutions to the issue of space debris and the key role of education in the transfer of space technologies back on earth to help achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

  • Introduction to the pavilion and general content
  • Overview of the Swiss space scene (EPFL),
  • Presentation Space Thematic Week content
  • Q&A



Manuel Salchli, Commissioner General of the Swiss Pavilion and Chairman of the steering of Expo 2020 Dubai

Emmanuelle David, Executive Manager EPFL Space Centre (eSpace)

Dante Larini, Content Project Manager Swiss Pavilion


First pre-Expo Event

The Expo organiser looks forward to welcoming you for the first in our series of pre-Expo programmes, taking place on 5 – 6 October, 2020. In Association with the UAE Space Agency, Expo 2020 Dubai offers a preview of the diverse exhibition, programme and conversations that will be brought to life during Space Week in October 2021.

The two-day programme will consist of keynote addresses, visual and experience sneak-peeks, presentations, panel discussions and more. We will hear astronauts and astronomers, programme leaders and decision makers, experts from around the world. We will learn more about the creative ways in which individuals, organisations and nations are showcasing unique contributions to our understanding and exploration of space.

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