The Swiss Pavilion will present our country as a world-leading innovation hotspot at Expo 2020. To do so, it is partnering up with Swissnex, the global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research, and innovation.

Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion will present content based on the Expo focus weeks, which are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Swiss universities, start-ups and innovative companies will showcase their research and inventions through temporary exhibits and presentations for the general public. In addition to this, panels, workshops, pitch contests and networking events will take place at the event space and the rooftop terrace.

Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion also aims to connect our Swiss partners with equivalents from the UAE, the Middle East and other national pavilions. By inviting local and international researchers and students to events and workshops, the Swiss Pavilion will be used as a framework to facilitate the creation of new collaborative partnerships.

Mission of the swissnex

  • Inspire and engage through transdisciplinary projects, creating platforms for knowledge exchange and supporting international academic programmes.
  • Connecting scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders with inspiring peers and new ideas.
  • Inform and advise our academic and innovation stakeholders in their international strategies and research partnerships in the region.

Content overview

The content of Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion is designed to provide a Swiss interpretation of the Expo focus weeks. It is divided into three overarching themes.

Circular economy

Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion will present innovative solutions across the spectrum of the circular economy: From the LC3 project of the EPFL making its low-carbon emitting cement a new world standard to cutting-edge research in used water treatment from the Eawag. Moreover, the Urban and Rural thematic week in November 2021 will give birth to new insights into the circular economy of smart cities. Our Pavilion will bring together urban planning experts with cleantech players, together promoting Swiss solutions made globally.

Social Innovation

Swiss education and research are essential infrastructures behind Switzerland’s high quality of life. This constant social innovation will be portrayed by the Swiss School of Public Health, which will expose all 17 SDGs through the lens of human wellness thanks to its pioneering multidisciplinary research and … acrobats! In addition to this, the Pavilion will present Switzerland’s vocational education system and promote exchanges about how VET can enable Swiss and Emirati youth to succeed in the 4th industrial revolution.

Frontier technology

Visitors will be able to engage with transferable high-tech designed to benefit society as a whole. We will expose advances in fields such as space, where the EPFL Space Center is positioning Switzerland as a global powerhouse in sustainable spatial activities, including the mitigation of space debris. Furthermore the focus shall demonstrate how breakthroughs in science can trickle down to help people living in poverty thanks to multidisciplinary innovation.


Swissnex is the global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research, and innovation. Its mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent. The five main Swissnex locations (Boston, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore and Shanghai) are established in the world’s most innovative regions. Together with around twenty Science Offices and Counselors based in Swiss Embassies, they contribute to strengthen Switzerland’s profile as a world-leading innovation hotspot.

Swissnex is an initiative of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and is part of the Confederation’s network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. The Swissnex activities are based on a collaborative approach, relying on public and private partnerships and funding.


Images © swissnex Network / swissnex Boston