Sustainable Space Logistics and Space Sustainability Rating

Rethink the way we conduct space missions, in compliance with the SDGs.

Date & Time
agenda-icon Wednesday, October, 20, 2021
agenda-icon 11 : 00

Fostering better space behaviours 

In recent years, the space industry has evolved towards a predominantly commercial operation, with a proliferation of reusable rockets and nano-satelites. But it comes at a cost, including increased space traffic and debris. This leads to rethink the way we conduct space missions, in compliance with the SDGs. And this is exactly what EPFL Space Center (eSpace) research initiative on Sustainable Space Logistics (SSL) is all about, supporting the development of key technologies such as relative navigation and space robotics. We will also talk about the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) that has been developed by a consortium including the World Economic Forum, the European Space Agency, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Texas at Austin and Bryce Tech. It will be operated by eSpace by 2022 and aims to promote and incentivize Sustainable Behavior of Space Actors, including space debris mitigation.


Swiss Pavilion, event space


  • Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib, director of EPFL Space Center (eSpace)




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