No Time to Waste

An exhibition showing how Switzerland is innovative in the waste management.

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agenda-icon Tuesday, December, 28, 2021
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No Time to Waste

The Swiss Pavilion will present to our visitors an exhibit entitled No Time to WASTE. Our aim is to draw awareness about the rising amount of trash generation which is causing large environmental problems worldwide.

The exhibit is showcasing solutions of the circular economy to enable efficient and sustainable waste management, thanks to the recycling and upcycling of different materials. Each letter of the word WASTE corresponds to opportunities of turning trash into value: Wealth, Art, Sustainability, Technology and Education.

Come and visit us to see how plastic can be upcycled into the latest fashion designs, how old Ski boots can be a raw material for cutting-edge 3D printing technology and realise how your old smartphones can be the start of a new gold rush! You will also be able to meet our friendly worms who will be very pleased to take care of any organic waste you might have!


Did you that 18 smartphones contain 1g of gold? If you dispose of your old device properly, the precious metals it contains can be recycled.


Worldwide only 7% of plastic bottles are getting recycled. In the exhibit, the fabrics displayed are made out of 100% used plastic bottles.


Worms create life. A thousand earthworms can transform 65kg of organic waste into soil.


Ski boots are popular in Switzerland, but are difficult to recycle. The Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences developed a way to produce filament for 3D printers made from 100% recycles ski boots.


How can we turn waste management into an opportunity to empower young people? Plasticycle, the winner of the Swiss-Middle East Circular Economy for Youth initiative, are developing a cutting edge way to recycle plastic in Lebanon.


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