MagRail – bringing hyperloop closer

Experience the future of transportation – Nevomo will present their unique technology for railways called MagRail.

Date & Time
agenda-icon Sunday, January, 09, 2022
agenda-icon 13 : 00

MagRail – bringing hyperloop closer

It is a magnetic levitation technology operating on existing railway tracks, compatible with the conventional railway system. At the same time, it is the first step towards the gradual implementation of a hyperloop. MagRail will allow infrastructure managers to deliver ultra-high speeds (up to 550kph/342mph) within the existing railway corridors, which will result in a substantial reduction in the time and construction costs when compared to High Speed Rail projects. This hybrid solution allows both magnetic vehicles and conventional trains to operate on the same lines without any changes in the existing rolling stock. The MagRail system can be subsequently transformed into vacuum railway (hyperloop) which will move at speeds up to 1200 kph (745 mph). The key subsystems (magnetic levitation, linear motor, power electronics, control systems) applied in the MagRail system will be used later on in the hyperloop.



1 to 3 pm






Swiss Pavilion