Human Spaceflight: inspiring Humankind

Human Spaceflight: two astronauts talking about their experience.

Date & Time
agenda-icon Wednesday, October, 20, 2021
agenda-icon 13 : 30

Human Spaceflight: inspiring Humankind

Exploration has always been in Humankind’s DNA. Continents, oceans, mountains, skies, then space, the final frontier: explorers are countless in History and have always brought knowledge and fascination to the world.
But what do we know from Astronauts? What is their motivation, how do they prepare, what kind of mission do they achieve? What do they have to tell us about this unique experience of floating a little bit closer to the stars?
This talk is about sharing two astronauts personal experience and thoughts on their space missions, eventually bringing inspiration to new generations.


Event Space, Swiss Pavilion


  • Prof. Claude Nicollier, Swiss astrophysicist and former astronaut
  • Dr. Naoko Yamazaki, former Japanese astronaut 7





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