Space as a driver for sustainability

Switzerland is a global driver for sustainability in the spatial field.

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Achieving the S(patial)DGs: Space as a driver for sustainability

The Swiss space scene is characterized by its values of being inclusive, bringing at the table varied and multidisciplinary areas or research and industry thanks to a bottom-up approach. In recent years, in response to our planet’s environmental issues, space technology has also been attributed a sustainability side to it. The Swiss space scene has embraced this new role rapidly and effectively, making it a global driver for sustainability in the spatial field.

What’s on?

During the Space thematic week at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Swiss Pavilion is planning on hosting an exhibit for its visitors. In collaboration with our Swiss partners, we will then organize a series of events, workshops and networking events at the Pavilion and other Expo 2020 location. We will showcase Swiss education, research and innovation in the field of space exploration and technologies. The content is structured in three overreaching themes:

  • Research
    We will explore how can space research trickle down to benefit sustainable development, such as the usage of Big Data in earth observation. The content of the pavilion shall also demonstrate innovative ways with regards to sustainable space logistics and spatial exploration.
  • Education
    We will have a strong focus on presenting education as being paramount to transfer space technologies back on earth, helping to achieving the SDGs. Student initiatives of Space Innovation and eSpace will be presented, such as one dedicated to grow food outer space, producing key findings for food security on earth (GrowBotHuB). Workshops between Swiss and UAE students are also planned.
  • Innovation
    ClearSpace, a startup born in the EPFL, has been selected by the European Space Agency to lead a consortium to develop technologies for capturing and deorbiting space debris. This enterprise will be presented and shall serve as a basis for debates around the issue of space junk and its technical and governance aspects.

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