Engineering for Humanitarian Action and Peace

A presentation by the EPFL EssentialTech Centre about harnessing technology to achieve the SDGs.

Date & Time
agenda-icon Monday, January, 17, 2022
agenda-icon 18 : 00

Tech For Good: At the Crossroads of Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On 5 September, 2021, the UAE leaders announced 10 principles that will govern the country’s future over the next 50 years, which includes the fact that humanitarian aid is an essential part of its own vision and moral duty towards less fortunate nations, and also Calling for peace, harmony, negotiations and dialogue to resolve all political disputes. These honourable principles are shared by many like-minded nations, including Switzerland. Achieving them however is a constant challenge which necessitates vast and continuous efforts, including harnessing technology to achieve the SDGs. This panel has for mission to present the Swiss approach to the question in terms of education, research and innovation.


Event Space, Swiss Pavilion


  • Prof. Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President of the ICRC,
  • Mrs. Lorraine Charles, Co-Founder and Director, Na’amal-remote work for refugees
  • Mrs. Nathalie Morandini Siegrist, Head of Stakeholder Relations and Special Projects, EPFL Essential Tech Centre
  • Dr. Elke Neumann, Associate Professor in the field of plant nutrition and soil science, United Arab Emirates University


Moderated by Mr. Dante Larini, Manager Swissnex at the Swiss Pavilion



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