news-icon 19/12/2021

Discover less know aspects of Switzerland through our artefact series.

Artefacts series: The most iconic Swiss knife

At the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai you can discover various artefacts showcasing different events, traditions and icons of national importance. During this series, we’ll introduce you to all of them and show you aspects of Switzerland you might not have known about.

The most iconic Swiss knife

The Victorinox Pocket knife is an asset to solve any problem. It is each Swiss citizen’s best friend. We even like to think of the members of our team as Pocket knives, cause their skills are just as versatile as the famous tools. The mythical Swiss army knive represents our country’s agile innovation skills and our sense for the practical things in life. With it you can cut a piece of cheese. Or chocolate. Or swiss mountains.