news-icon 16/11/2020

Watch the talk at Dubai Design Week about the modern and forward-thingking side of Switzerland.

Reflecting on Swiss Innovation


Creative and innovative Switzerland

For a rather small country, Switzerland is very well known around the world. Its beautiful mountains, delicious cheese, tasty chocolate and high-quality watchmaking have become symbols that are nowadays inseparably linked to its flag. However, this image only tells a part of the story. With an economy that favours SMEs, a dense network of academic institutions and international organisations, a leading public health system as well as a central position in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has been and still is a major driver of innovation in a number of fields.


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Reflecting on Swiss Innovation

This talk organised by the Swiss embassy in the UAE/Bahrain in collaboration with the Dubai Design Week 2020 and with the aim to explore the modern and forward-thinking side of Switzerland.

Moderated by Ghassam Salameh, creative director of Dubai Design Week.


  • Raphaël Lutz, founder of
  • Oliver Brunschwiler, FREITAG company lead
  • Manuel Salchli, Commissioner General Swiss Pavilion and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Expo 2020 Dubai


Watch the live talk and explore this modern and forward-thingking side of Switzerland.