news-icon 24/02/2021

Watch the full pre-Expo Food, Agriculture, and Livelihood event and the World Majlis on the future of nutrition and farming.


Watch the World Majlis on nutrition and farming

As part of the pre-Expo Food, Agriculture, and Livelihood event, the Swiss Pavilion has invited Katja Seidenschnur, sustainability director for Nestlé Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, to join the World Majlis virtual forum, on 23 Feb 2021, which was dedicated to innovations in nutrition and farming that will help feed the next 2 billion people.

During this online talk, Katja Seidenschnur has elaborated on how Neslté is going to further collaborate with farmers and suppliers expanding regenerative agriculture to restore and regenerate nature. She also reflected on the changes planned in Nestlé’s own manufacturing and transport, its portfolio shift towards more plant-based diets and introducing circular packaging.

Nestlé is an official partner of the Swiss Pavilion and will host a temporary exhibition for the greater public untitled “Unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come”. Sustainability is taking a central role for Nestlé, as they are working to achieve their global commitments to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve a  net zero goal by 2050.

Watch this World Majlis here from 03:50:00 until 05:16:00 ⤵