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Untouched nature touches our hearts. As a travel destination, Switzerland is synonymous with spectacular mountains, wild gorges and mystical forests; our nature has the power to provide energy. We aim to preserve this – for many generations to come.

Leading Sustainable Development the Swiss Way

Sustainability has been shaping Switzerland for decades. Whether through the predominant use of hydroelectricity, the high environmental awareness of the Swiss people, or the early and comprehensive expansion of public transport, we embrace the power of nature to preserve its energy for generations to come. As a destination that welcomes visitors with open arms, sustainability is at the heart of Swiss tourism, led by the local population and enjoyed by guests worldwide.

Swisstainable Excellence in Sustainability

Merging the words “Swiss” and “Sustainable” means combining a country with a solid commitment to creating change. More than a target, “Excellence in Sustainability” is about embodying these values in everything we do, so that it’s easier for our guests to make informed choices on the path to a better future. As such, Switzerland has established itself as a pioneer with an ambitious vision and a clear strategy that reflects our reputation as one of the greenest countries across the globe.

United in a Shared Mission

Today’s travellers care deeply about the planet, but it’s not always easy to find sustainable options in a jungle of labels. That’s where Swisstainable comes in. Rather than being yet another certification process, this sustainability programme is designed as a simple and
informative guide for guests. Beyond that, it’s a movement encouraging the industry as a whole to get involved and reduce its impact on nature. Accessible and inclusive, Swisstainable is open to all Swiss tourism operators, whether they already have a sustainability certification or they’re starting their ecoconscious journey. Based on various criteria, three levels of insignia are awarded to tourism providers: Level 1 Committed, Level 2 Engaged, and Level 3 Leading.

Swisstainable at Expo Dubai 2020

At the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Swisstainable is being showcased in a Swisstainable Innovation Fountain. Blooming flowers demonstrate why it’s worthwhile to invest in a sustainable world, underlining our ambition to make Switzerland Swisstainable.
The more nature remains untouched, the more it can touch us. The flowers of Switzerland grow in a spectacular landscape and fill our hearts with joy. They are eaten by the happiest cows in the world, whose milk makes the most flavourful cheese and the most delicious
chocolate on the planet. We aim to preserve this for many generations to comeSwitzerland Tourism.

Travel Today, Build Tomorrow

Sustainability is no longer a niche topic; it is a crucial action that affects us all. Politicians, businesses, and consumers recognise that we must work together to ensure the responsible use of resources. The United Nations has adopted 17 interlinked Global Goals for
sustainable development, with Switzerland one of the fastest nations on track to meeting them. In turn, the Swiss Federal Council has committed to a climateneutral Switzerland by 2050, attaching special significance to sustainability as part of its tourism strategy.

Protecting the environment is in perfect synergy with Switzerland as a travel destination and taking an ecofriendly approach doesn’t mean fewer opportunities to explore. Instead, sustainable tourism invites you to travel more consciously while expanding your horizons. Alongside the practical guidance provided by Swisstainable, these are some of our general

1. Get up close to nature
2. Experience the local culture in an authentic way
3. Consume regional products
4. Stay longer and delve deeper

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