news-icon 15/12/2021

Discover less know aspects of Switzerland through our artefact series.

Artefacts series: the tennis icon

At the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai you can discover various artefacts showcasing different events, traditions and icons of national importance. During this series, we’ll introduce you to all of them and show you aspects of Switzerland you might not have known about.

The tennis icon

Roger Federer is the most famous Swiss sportsperson in the world. He has won a record 17 Grand Slam tournaments to date. He used the tennis ball exhibited at the artefacts station in front of the Swiss Pavilion to practice his service and fine-tune his legendary shot with Swiss precision to win the Grand Slam at the 2018 Australian Open.

The Swiss love to play tennis: around 500,000 people play tennis in their spare time and 160,000 are members of the Swiss Tennis Association – the third largest sports association in Switzerland. Every year, over 4,000 teams and 30,000 players compete in the national “Interclub” tournaments. The most important tennis tournaments held in Switzerland are the Gstaad Open and the Swiss Indoors in Basel.