news-icon 08/12/2021

Discover less know aspects of Switzerland through our artefact series.

Artefacts series: Swiss wrestling

At the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai you can discover various artefacts showcasing different events, traditions and icons of national importance. During this series, we’ll introduce you to all of them and show you aspects of Switzerland you might not have known about.

Sawdust and mountain cattle

We are proud of our heritage and believe that our roots make us stronger. Since the 13th century Swiss wrestling is our national sport. It is played between two men who fight each other inside a circle of sawdust. Whoever wins a tournament becomes the wrestling king and wins a cow. He is mighty, but he would never stand a chance against a cow in the wrestling match. The uniform of our staff is also worn for wrestling and features a traditional pattern from Switzerland. Let’s keep traditions alive!