Upcoming events

Elevate your world

agenda-icon 01 Oct 2021 to 31 Mar 2022

Schindler elevates you to the roof of the world: Mountains or Cities in an exhibition at the Swiss Pavilion.

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Value Based Healthcare – A Reality

agenda-icon 26 Nov 2021 to 10 Dec 2021

This exhibition brings a unique visitor experience towards Roche commitment to personalized healthcare and its impact on the people’s lives, shifting from a one-size-fits-all approach to the best care for each person.

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Learning tomorrow

agenda-icon 12 Dec 2021 to 18 Dec 2021

#LearningTomorrow is about how innovative solutions can address the current and future issues related to education.

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Past events

SMECEYI Final Event

agenda-icon 04 Nov 2021 16:00

Discover the 6 teams of the Swiss – Middle East Circular Economy for Youth Initiative and see which one will be chosen as winner.

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Smarter than Smart Cities

agenda-icon 03 Nov 2021 14:00

The true value of smart cities is evolving. While they are important in stimulating economic activity and sustainability, will the new measure of a smart city’s success be the holistic wellbeing of its citizens?

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LC3 – Info Day

agenda-icon 03 Nov 2021 10:00

LC3 is a new type of cement which is comprised of a blend of limestone and calcined clay. LC3 can reduce CO2-emissions down by 40% in cement production. Discover how this project is becoming a new standard to build sustainable cities.

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Smart Cities: Swiss solutions made globally

agenda-icon 31 Oct 2021 to 06 Nov 2021

Together with partners from the UAE, the Middle East and other Expo International Participants, we will attempt to draw a blueprint for adopting the circular transition within an urban environment.

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Achieving the Spatial SDGs

agenda-icon 17 Oct 2021 to 30 Oct 2021

For the space thematic week at Expo 2020, Swissnex and EPFL will showcase Swiss education, research and innovation in the field of space exploration and technologies.

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Dancing with Nature

agenda-icon 04 Oct 2021 to 04 Oct 2021

By working with nature, we can use the power of feedback loops to create a healthier, more sustainable world for the benefit of everyone.

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Crowther lab: from the Alps to the Desert

agenda-icon 04 Oct 2021 to 04 Oct 2021

The Swiss Pavilion hosts a workshop on nature conservation. The speakers will be joined by experts from the UAE to engage into a discussion, comparing approaches from the Alps to the Desert.

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Connecting the Alps to the Desert

agenda-icon 03 Oct 2021 to 09 Oct 2021

For the Climate and Biodiversity thematic week, the Crowther Lab of ETH, the UZH Department of Geography and the University of Lausanne present their research and technology in biodiversity monitoring and restoration.

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Novartis Reimagining Medicine

agenda-icon 01 Oct 2021 to 03 Nov 2021

In this exhibition Novartis showaces the most promising frontiers of science, the most exciting innovations in the business of medicine, and the most significant healthcare needs.

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A piece of Switzerland at Art Dubai

agenda-icon 29 Mar 2021 to 03 Apr 2021

Switzerland presents an installation inspired by the Swiss Pavilion highlight: the sea of fog. Art Dubai takes place from 29 March to 3 April at Dubai International Financial Centre.

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KGS. Swiss Diamond Technology.

agenda-icon 20 Jan 2021 to 22 Feb 2021

Innovation and Technology – Today & Future by KGS will be brought to life through innovative story telling in an exhibition hosted in the Swiss Pavilion.

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We are at Dubai Design Week

agenda-icon 09 Nov 2020 to 14 Nov 2020

Switzerland will curate a space dedicated to Swiss innovation, including the BYOM initiative and the design of the Swiss Pavilion for Expo 2020.

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Switzerland space Expo

Switzerland in space

agenda-icon 05 Oct 2020 to 06 Oct 2020

In collaboration with the EPFL Space Centre, the Swiss Pavilion joins the first event of the pre-Expo programme series.

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