Achieving the Spatial SDGs

For the space thematic week at Expo 2020, Swissnex and EPFL will showcase Swiss education, research and innovation in the field of space exploration and technologies.

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Switzerland: a Space Nation

For the space thematic week at Expo 2020, Swissnex in collaboration with EPFL will showcase Swiss education, research and innovation in the field of space exploration and technologies. We will structure our content alongside three overarching themes: research, innovation and education.

What’s on


Our partners

Based in Lausanne (Switzerland), EPFL is a university whose three missions are education, research and innovation. EPFL is highly regarded for its research and teaching in engineering. More recently, the university has branched out into the life sciences.


The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) is a cross-disciplinary research facility bringing together students, research institutions, international space agencies and businesses to promote space research and education at EPFL. It offers a range of educational programs, conducts fundamental research and is home to innovative R&D projects. eSpace currently collaborates with EPFL’s spin-off ClearSpace selected by ESA for the first debris removal mission. For the last two years, eSpace has led a research initiative on Sustainable Space Logistics, promoting new ways to develop a sustainable space ecosystem.


The Laboratory of Astrophysics covers a wide range of complementary expertise, with a focus on advanced research and high-quality education of the next generation of astronomers. With a presence at two locations, the EPFL campus in Lausanne and the Astronomical Observatory at Sauverny near Geneva, the research team at LASTRO takes a leading role in various international consortiums and projects focused on extragalactic astrophysics and observational cosmology. LASTRO is currently developing the VIRUP project, aiming to provide the most modern dynamical view of our Universe through one of the most modern communication techniques. VIRUP is a new multi-platform VR environment which allows users to travel through space and time, ranging from the solar system and the outer confines of the Universe, to the nearby stars, the Milky Way disk and the Local Group.


ClearSpace was founded in 2018 in the EPFL out of the realization that On-Orbit Servicing and Space Debris Removal are vital services for the future of Space exploration and operations. In 2019, ClearSpace was selected by the European Space Agency to lead a consortium to develop technologies for capturing and deorbiting space debris.


Space@yourService (S@yS) is an association recognized by EPFL, whose main goal is to popularise and promote space sciences (astronomy, astrophysics, space engineering) among the general public and EPFL students. To do this, S@yS organises various events open to all, such as Astronomy on Tap Lausanne: a conference on space science with professional speakers in various pubs. This event has become very popular in the campus community. What also characterizes the association is the diversity of the amazing projects they are currently running, such as the Asclepios mission, an interdisciplinary project that aims to simulate a short-term space mission to another celestial body. Also they develop new tools to promote space sciences to the general public, like creating an Escape game on the theme of space exploration.